How can you feel more Happy, energetic, passionate and excited in our home?

We realise that a Home can affect our moods, feelings and emotions in the most dramatic ways possible. By these 6 principals we achieve the perfect design which expresses all the emotions:


For a space to provide more meaning to you, we provide it more meaning. Each line then drawn is with a lot an of purpose.


We think about how you want to feel in the space. A space is much more than collection of walls and items. Your space should be a reflection of your personality and aspirations.


Scale is a very important tool in design. It can add character and drama to the space.


Thoughtful use of Textures can hugely impact the feel of a space


A good design has balance in its elements and features to bring peace and order.


We take care of all your execution related worries. Our efficient design team with excellent knowledge of materials and deep market-intelligence

Featured Projects

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Neptune Living Point Bhandup - Mumbai

Sai Radha Complex Bhandup - Mumbai

Vastu Compliance

If you so desire, our in-house experts can advise you on vastu parameters of your space and work with
you to incorporate vastu complaint features in the design of your space.